Autumn in Barbagia

Autumn in Barbagia

Autumn in Barbagia in Dorgali 2021 17-18-19 September Fachende Zoigas ”ss an ancient expression that, refers to the complex and meticulous goldsmith workmanship of traditional Dorgali jewel, alludes to the qualities that have always distinguished the town’s artisans: accuracy and attention to small details.

Theevent is free but following some specific COVID-19 rules dictated first by the Italian Government and the Municipality of Dorgali.

Autumn in Barbagia Program Dorgali 2021

📍 For more details and information, you can contact the Pro Loco Dorgali office on 0784/96243 or by e-mail:

17 SEPTEMBER 2021 “Waiting for Autumn In Barbagia in Dorgali”.

🔹 7.30 pm – Inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the Dorgali artist Piergiorgio Gometz – Sala Consiliare, Municipality of Dorgali (Via Umberto, 37). 🔹 9.30 pm – Entertainment with live music by the Leva ’92 Committee in the “Castula” area.

18 and 19 SEPTEMBER 2021

🔸 Demonstration of the wine production process and guided wine tasting (SHORT N ° 1 AND 3). 🔸 Demonstration of the traditional Sardinian grains (COURT N ° 21). 🔸 Processing of lard and its seasoning (COURT N ° 3). 🔸 Educational farm lesson on bees with the help of the hive. Honey tasting, abbattu, hazelnut and others (COURT N ° 3). 🔸 Exhibition of the phases of harvesting and processing of Sardinian saffron (CORTE N ° 16). 🔸 Demonstration of basket weaving (COURT N ° 7). 🔸 Demonstration of traditional sweet and savory preparation and cooking on a wood oven (SHORT N ° 6 AND 23). 🔸 Demonstration of the typical dessert preparation “Gattò e Aranzada” (COURT N ° 24). 🔸 Demonstration of making of su pistizzone (Fregula sarda) (COURT LETTER E). 🔸 Live demonstration of knife forging (COURT N ° 2). 🔸 Demonstration of Sardinian carpet weaving and crochet embroidery (COURT N ° 26). 🔸 Exhibition of jewels made with traditional filigree and artisan demonstrations of live working of some of the most typical jewels (s’isprugadente, Sardinian faith, corbula, buttons) (SHORT N ° 12/16 E 19). 🔸 Demonstrations of traditional woodworking (COURT N ° 15). 🔸 Exhibition of artistic and traditional ceramics made with different techniques (COURT N ° 17). 🔸 Demonstration of the workmanship of the classic hand-sewn pocket (SHORT N ° 3 AND 13). 🔸 The dressing of the bride with the traditional Dorgali dress (COURT N ° 25). 🔸 Exhibition of paintings made with various techniques and live painting demonstrations (COURT N ° 22). RELATED EVENTS AND ENTERTAINMENT 18 and 19 September 2021 🔹 11:30 am – 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm Istelotte Choir singing at the Canti e Sapori Court in Via Lamarmora. 🔹 Itinerant concert along the streets of the town of the Coro Ilune, Coro Prama ‘e Seda and the Tenores Durgalesu. 🔹 September 18, 2021 – Traveling performances by the Don Milani Folk Group. 🔹 18th September 2021 – 8.30 pm guitar, accordion and voices concert (T. Matzau, T. Delussu, F. Figos, G. Magrini) by the Dorgalese Solidarity Association – Piazza Su Cucuru. September 19, 2021 🔹 18:00 – Holy Mass in honor of Saints Cornelio and Cipriano, the procession will follow through the streets of the town. 🔹 8.30 pm – Guitar, accordion and voices concert (G. Murru, T. Delussu, F. Sias, G. Magrini) by the Dorgalese Solidarity Association – Piazza Su Cucuru. Autumn in Barbagia is classified as a village fair / festival, for this reason, by government provisions, access is allowed only with the GREEN PASS.

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