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  • HST Experience – Archaeology

    The leading character in Sardinian prehistory, the “nuraghe” is the product of a civilisation which spanned over more than a thousand years (from the 19th to the 3rd century BC) and developed…

  • HST Experience – Craftwork

    Sardinia has been able to preserve through the centuries its great craftwork tradition. FABRICS Hand-weaving, often performed using old wooden looms, still plays an important role in the island’s craftwork tradition. Wool…

  • HST Experience - Wine

    HST Experience – Wine

    The island’s wine culture is largely influenced by Spanish tradition. When in 1200, James I of Aragon, with his fleet, conquered the Balearic islands and gained control over the western Mediterranean, many…

  • HST Food - La Pasta

    HST Food – Pasta

    The famous wheat (Senatore Capelli) particularly good and sought after, is still cultivated in Sardinia, not by chance the region is among those with the production of high quality pasta. Let’s discover…

  • HST Food - Pane

    HST Food – Bread

    The Sardinia cuisine is greatly influenced by its insular position, as well as the islands’ farming and pastoral tradition. Simple but very tasty, it is renowned for its Bread. Every area of…


    Sardinia with hstexperience

    With 1850 kilometres of costline and Mediterranean features, Sardinia is ideal for all kinds of marine sports, including swimming, canoening, water-skiing and especially sailing, windsurfing, kitesurf, highly favoured by regualar winds and…

  • hst gourmet

    HST Blog Travel News | Discover our Half Gourmet formula

    This meal formula is designed for those who want to include dinner in the stay. We offer you the opportunity of using this service for the whole period or just a few days.

  • pet friendly

    HST Blog Travel News | Pet Friendly

    We chose to be a Pet Friendly Hotel because we love animals, we have arranged specially furnished rooms to welcome our animal friends. Outdoor spaces and services to allow never separate the owner from his pet.