HST Blog Travel News | Spring holiday in San Teodoro

Here 10 proposals for an unforgettable #hstexperience

Not only sea, but also hiking, visits to archaeological sites and much relax during the most colorful season!

  1. Experience the extraordinary canyoning in the beautiful lakes with waterfall of Rio Pitrisconi, in San Teodoro;
  2. Visit the Island of Tavolara. You can rent a boat and explore it during an unforgettable excursion to the top of Punta Cannone;
  3. Admire the pink flamingos of the nature reserve in the San Teodoro pond;
  4. Visit the beautiful Bue Marino caves, located in the Golfo di Orosei;
  5. Trekking and canyoning in Su Gorroppu, 12 km long canyon formed in Supramonte and crossed by the river Flumineddu;
  6. Reach the magnificent Cala Luna with two-hour trek starting from Cala Fuili, in Dorgali;
  7. Visit into the wild territory of nuragic houses called village of Tiscali, built inside a sinkhole;
  8. Discover the mysterious Giants Tombs built according to an astronomical orientation! You can find them all over Sardinia, from Palau (Tombe di Li Mezzani) to Dorgali(Tombe di S’ena e Tomes);
  9. A walk in Orgosolo, famous for its buildings withpainting on the walls that were originally born as a sign of protest.
  10. Get lost among the houses of San Pantaleo village, near Olbia and enjoy a good aperitif in the famous square admiring the mountains drawn by the wind.

We are ready to give you all the tips for your unforgettable #hstexperience!

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