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Sardinia has a large number of natural caves, especially in karst and limestone areas, some of which are accessible for excursions.

Nettuno Caves

• Ispinigoli Caves

The cave extends for about 10 km and opens onto a natural cave, in the middle of which there is a stalagmite 38 meters high, considered the deepest in Europe is also called the “Well of the Virgins” because at the foot of the stalagmite was the site of the propitiatory Punic rites that included human sacrifices.

• Bue Marino Caves

Open to the sea, this cave crosses the limestone mountain for about 5 km. It was the last retreat chosen by the monk seal (“su Boe Marinu”, in Sardinian dialect). A visit to the cave, with its beaches, its lakes and its numerous and extraordinary limestone concretions, is definitely a tempting experience.

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