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With 1850 kilometres of costline and Mediterranean features, Sardinia is ideal for all kinds of marine sports, including swimming, canoening, water-skiing and especially sailing, windsurfing, kitesurf, highly favoured by regualar winds and the presence of ports and jetties equipped for large and small boats.

The island coasts especially the shher cliffs along Sardinia’s eastern side are often chosen also by free-climbing enthusiasts. Futhermore, the increasing attention paid to the various types of tourim has led to the development of new golf courses, as well as the creation of trekking paths for those who wish to venture inland and soak Sardinia’s exceptional natural beauty.

In the last few years, climbing and free-climbing have become more and more popular. In Sardinia, lovers of these sports can choose from the most varied environments: from the internal mountainareas to the coastal cliffs dropping precipitately into the sea or bold monoliths towering over small coves of exceeptional beauty, like Punta Goloritzè. (Info can be obtained from the HST Front Desk Team.)

Riding has also experienced a remarkable increase in the last few years, due to the development of new riding centres and marked horsetrekking trails. (Riding horse along La Cinta Beach – info can be obtained from the HST Front Desk)

Horses have always playes an important role in Sardinia’s culture. Many local festivals and fairs inland, have been able to preserve old traditions, such a ride on the peculiar English Arabian Sardinian horses. The increasing number of tourists who enjoy discovering Sardinia through entertaining horse-trekking trips has led to the development of a growing number of riding grounds and centres, which offer plenty of guided tours taylor made.

HST Experience offers a variety of activities, creating excursions tailored to every need and passion!



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