HST Blog Travel News | Number Closed for the Tahiti of Sardinia |

Cala Brandinchi(known as the small Sardinian Tahiti) and the twin Lu Impostu are now with limited access!

The places available will be 1447 in Cala Brandinchi and 3352 in Lu Impostu. The reservation can be made from 24 hours before the day of interest, through an app, and will be subject to a fee that will cover the cost of the services offered.

The website is online, but reservation can be made also through our Reception Team!

The reservation will be active only for the next day (for example the day 11/07 you have to book from 00.01 of the day 10/07) and subject to availability.

The Limited Access runs from 15 June to 15 Septembereach year.

The daily time of entry to the beaches with a limited number with reservation and payment of the environmental contribution will be from 08:00 to 20:00.

Note: The reservation system does not include any parking fees if due.

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