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Barumini Sardinia itinerary

Su Nuraxi Archaeological Area - Barumini

You cannot leave Sardinia without having visited a Nuraghe, the nuraghe is a unique monument in the world and that you can only find in this magnificent land. Barumini is the only heritage site of Unesco in Sardinia. You will discover how people lived 3500 years ago and take a wonderful step back in time.

Archaeological Area Tiscali - Dorgali

Archaeological Area Tiscali - Dorgali

It is a karst relief in the heart of Supramonte , on the top of which a Dolina was formed, due to the collapse of the vault of an ancient cave.
The site can be reached starting from Dorgali , in Land Rover, crossing the valley of Lanaittu , an interesting panoramic path, up to the archaeological area.

Costume Museum - Nuoro

Museum of Sardinian Life and Popular Traditions , is the eldest Ethnographic Museum of Sardinia , is included in the most important national and international tourist guides and is present in all cultural itineraries regarding Nuoro and Barbagia.

San Teodoro costume museum

Deleddiano Museum - Nuoro

The Deleddiano Museum is located in the birthplace of the Nuorese Nobel Prize writer Grace Deledda (1871-1936). The visit winds through the three levels of the house, marked by a central staircase, continuing into the courtyard and garden.

Deleddiano Museum
Museum of Mediterranean Masks - Mamoiada

Museum of Mediterranean Masks - Mamoiada

The Museum of Mediterranean Masks to Mamoiada , is a jewel of history and culture north of the Gennargentu , just over 15 km from the city of Nuoro and a short distance from Orgosolo , a center known for its mural painting.

S'Abba Frisca Museum Park - Dorgali

S'Abba Frisca Museum Park - Dorgali

This museum which takes its name from the homonymous spring and which offers a naturalistic and ethnographic itinerary particularly rich in local flora and fauna and where you can visit the traditional environments of barbaric civilization . That is how S’Abba Frisca in 2018 it was recognized by the Sardinia Region as the most complete ethnographic and naturalistic museum on the island.

Museum of Sea Civilizations - San Teodoro

The path inside the Museum of the civilizations of the sea , contains within itself the history of the small coastal town of San Teodoro, through the finds and historical reconstruction starting from 350 BC up to the Middle Ages. The oldest exhibit on display is a Greek-Italic amphora.

San Teodoro museum

MAN Museum of Art - Nuoro

The MAN is a permanent public institution, the only one of its kind in Sardinia because it is devoted to study, conservation and promotion of modern and contemporary art . Celebrate yours international exhibitions .

Man San Teodoro Museum

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