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Folkloristic events in Sardinia

Our folkloristic events suggestions …

Sardinia is a region rich in events, from religious to cultural, folkloristic and related to culinary tradition. In this article, we present some of the most important manifestations and events that you can see depending on the period in which you will visit this wonderful land.


Festival of Saint Ephysius

The celebrations include the longest (80km) and lengthiest (4 days) procession. On the 1st of May, the statue of the Saint is loaded onto an oxcart and leaves the Sant’ Efisio Church followed by “traccas” (decorated carts), knights, civil and religious authorities, musicians and worshippers in historical costumes. The next day, the procession reaches Pula and the ruins of Nora. On the 3rd of May, after the religious sevice, everyone celebrates and the poor are offered lunch. On the last day, the procession heads back to where it all started.

NUORO August

The Redeemer Festival

A very lively festival with costume parades, traditional songs, dances and local food.

ORISTANO  Carnival Sunday and Tuesday  


The “Sartiglia”, a knight tournament of Spanish origin, is named after the “sortija”, a Saracen military tournament dating back to the Middle Ages. The aim of the competition is to plunge a sword held out stretched into a star-shaped ring hung over the track, while riding a galloping horse. According to an old tradition, the more the successful hits the more abundant the year’s crops. The show’s leading character in the “Componidori”, a knight chosen among the village youngsters. The clothing ritual, during which the knight is served by young girls supervised by an older lady, is particularly enticing. The knight wears a white shirt, a vest and a fancy hat. So attired, he is then helped onto a hose, from which he may not descend until the end of the celebrations.

SASSARI Second-last Sunday of May

Sardinian Ride

Some believe that the ride is meant to recall the victory of the Sardinian and Pisan forces over the Saracens around the year One Thousand. On the evening before the ride, folkloristic groups from all parts of the island(three thousand people wearing historical costumes) perform in the town’s main square with dances, songs and traditional music. The ride, on the Sundays, involves hundreds of horses from all parts od Sardinia and knights showing their riding skills. In the afternoon there is a proper gallop race, with the knights wearing historical costumes.

August 14th The procession of the Candlesticks

Large candlesticks are carried in procession in memory of miraculous events occurred during the 16th and 17th centuries. On the 13th, the Sassari citizen who lives the furthest away and has back for the occasion is awarded the “Candeliere d’oro” (Golden Candlestick), while the Sassari citizen who has been leaving in other regions of Italy for the largest time is awarded the “Candeliere d’argento” (Silvel Candlestick). The eveing before the procession, nine three-metre high heavily-decorated wooden candlesticks (each carried by 8 men and representing a local corporation) are taken along the streets. On the next day, a procession leaves the main church , winding throught the town streets. In the evening, the celebrations continue in the main square with food-tasting, dances and fireworks displays.

Festival of Saint Ephysius

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