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Located in the wonderful outback of Sardinia’s east coast, San Teodoro is an unmissable destination for those willing to visit the wonderful island of Sardinia. Easily reachable thanks to the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, it’s the perfect destination both for those in search of a vacation full of relax and peace and for sports lovers. San Teodoro, in fact, offers numerous activities, as well as a wide selection of beaches extending for 37 kilometers of coast. The sub-region of Gallura is a place of calm and peace during the day, while at night it transforms into the place to be for nightlife lovers, offering prestigious clubs and renowned discos.

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The great variety of beaches (among which twelve are the biggest) located in San Teodoro are all made by fine white sand surrounded by granitic cliffs and with a crystal clear sea as a background. Thanks to the shallow seabeds, the lack of strong tides and dangerous marine species, the beaches of San Teodoro are perfect for everyone. Along the coast, it’s common to find small bays repaired from the wind, for those in search of absolute peace. The climate in San Teodoro is ideal for a stay not just in the summer, but also in spring and autumn; the mild climate is in favor of those willing to take a break in September and October.

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But San Teodoro isn0t just beaches: for those that can’t give up physical activities even on vacation, San Teodoro offers a wide choice of sports and hikes. La Peschiera is one of the main paths practicable by everyone, from kids to adults. Our expert guide will lead you in the typical wilderness, discovering the wonderful local species. Another important route is Laguna, the favorite spot for birdwatchers. La Laguna is practicable by horse, ideal method also for children.

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